Residential Living

All students living in the Residential Communities are provided educational programming to develop their individual independence while living in a social environment. Resident halls at Rio Grande are thought of as a living/learning community. Students share both academic, as well as, social experiences while living in our community of five resident halls. The communities are governed by (undergraduate) Resident Assistants as well as (graduate) Student Life Coordinators who assist in activities, programming, and the daily life of Residential Students.

The five resident communities consist of:

• Boyd Hall – Freshman Male

• Davis Hall – Freshman Female

• Holzer Hall – Upperclassman Co-ed

• Moulton Hall – Honors and Upperclassman Academic

• Wellness – Healthy Lifestyle

The Director of Housing Office is located in Rhodes Student Center.


Campus Government

The Student Senate is the primary student governing body.  The Senate makes recommendations regarding student needs on campus and participates in campus government through participation on committees.


Student Judiciary

The Student Judiciary is a formal hearing body elected by the students and consists of one chief justice, four associate justices, and two alternate justices. The Judiciary hears appeals resulting from a disciplinary sanction imposed from a violation of the Community Code, as set forth in the Student Handbook.

Student Activities

The Student Activities Calendar is planned as a complement to the classroom educational experience and the goal is to encourage the University and the Community College students to participate in and benefit from social, recreational, and intellectual activities. Student Activities organizes events on campus including (1). Welcome Back (2). Halloween (3). Homecoming and (4). Spring Fling.All-Greek CouncilThe All-Greek Council is a co-educational coordinating and governing body composed of representatives from each of the fraternities and sororities.

Health Services

The Office of Health Services, located in the James A. Rhodes Student Center, is directed by a registered nurse. Health Services is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., each weekday for limited treatment of illnesses and injuries. Students requiring more extensive medical care are referred to specialists at area medical facilities. Students and their families are responsible for the cost of special or extensive medical care. Health Services requires that each student complete a confidential medical history form. Other requirements may include proof of updated immunizations and childhood diseases, as well as a current Tuberculin skin test. Some majors, international students, and those participating in intercollegiate athletics, may be subject to additional medical requirements.

Alcohol and Drug Prevention

The Director of Prevention Services offers free assistance to students who may have a problem with drug and/or alcohol abuse. The Prevention Office is located in Student Services in the James A. Rhodes Student Center.


Personal health insurance for health or medical problems, non sports related injuries, dental visits, and eye exams is the responsibility of the student. Insurance policy information is available through Health Services. International students must purchase health insurance through the University.


In accordance with the standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there is assistance available for qualified students with documented disabilities through the Office of Accessibility. To access services including reasonable accommodations, the student must contact the Office of Accessibility. The Office of Accessibility phone is (740) 245-7339 and is located in Rhodes Hall, Room 116.

Mental Health Services

The University and Community College provide referral assistance to community based resources and services for students requesting interpersonal counseling. A professional counselor may also be available on campus to students on an as needed, per request basis, whenever feasible.

Students with personal or emotional issues (family conflicts, relationship issues, stress management, self defeating thoughts or behaviors, etc.) are encouraged to immediately contact the Director of Accessibility and Mental Health Services, at campus extension 7350.

Confidentiality will be strictly maintained for individuals and groups seeking counseling assistance at all times.