The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to enhance each student’s personal growth, decision-making abilities, and career development within a collegial environment.


To better communicate this mission to students and to communicate the appropriate framework of rules, regulations, and policies, the Division is responsible for the annual development and implementation of the Student Handbook. To fulfill its mission, the Division provides:


  1. A Student Affairs Office which creates programs to fulfill the Division’s mission; coordinates, supervises, and evaluates programs; directs communication from the general college community to individual programs; and plans future programs to meet student developmental goals.
  2. A health program which emphasizes preventative care and wellness activities through health education services and utilizes resources available on campus and in the community to assist in meeting the individual health needs of each student.
  3. A residence hall program which facilitates the student’s growth toward independence within the institution’s general framework and offers academic, personal, and social support from trained paraprofessional and undergraduate staff.
  4. A student activities program which encourages the student’s involvement in cultural, intellectual, recreational, and social activities.
  5. A student government and a student judicial program which facilitates the development of student decision making and self-responsibility.


To determine the level of success reached in meeting this mission, the Division of Student Affairs maintains a comprehensive assessment program. Through a variety of processes and procedures, the “value added” to the student is assessed, the analysis of which becomes the improvement agenda for its various departments, programs, and the Division policy recommending body, the Student Development Committee.