CCP students or Early Admissions students shall not be permitted to participate in any co-curricular organization or in any intercollegiate athletics as listed/identified in the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College Handbook, Catalog, or any other printed materials and/or programs available and/or listed on the Rio website. 

CCP and Early Admissions students will be permitted to actively participate in academic courses only.  Exceptions to this policy could include participation in community based events (i.e. Masterworks Chorale, Concert Band, etc.).

CCP students will not be permitted to work as student labor on the University of Rio Grande campus nor will they be eligible for tuition assistance from the University.

CCP student may not attend any University of Rio Grande or Rio Grande Community College scheduled events where alcohol is available for purchase or consumption.

CCP students are required to have a parent or guardian in attendance when participating in events that require an overnight stay (i.e. Grande Chorale, spring trip, Honors Programs, etc.).

CCP students are not permitted in any residence halls without the written consent of the Dean of Students.