Campus Recycling

The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College strongly endorses recycling efforts buts realizes that it takes both volunteer participation and the support of key campus departments to assure program success. Imagine the past New York City garbage worker strikes when refuse ended up piled high on the city sidewalks and streets. Here at Rio Grande, we might opt to separate the trash from the recyclables in our office or residence hall, but it still needs to be deposited into the proper collection container outside.

Our waste management partner is Rumpke Waste and Recycling Services which offers a single-stream/no-sort dumpster option for businesses. Mid-American Cleaning Contractors is our on-site partner for trash & recycling collection & transfer. Thanks!

 Here is how it works:
Campus office workers and residential hall students must first separate the acceptable recyclable items from the trash. Two different types of containers are located across campus locations: TRASH (brown) & RECYCLING (green). Housekeeping staff will move the trash to the appropriate brown dumpsters and acceptable recyclables to the green "Single-stream, no-sort" dumpsters.

  • Acceptable Items.
    • Paper, magazines, newspapers, paperboard and cardboard.
      Shredded paper in large plastic bags can be deposited in the "Single-Stream" containers.
    • Glass
    • Plastic Bottles & Jugs
    • Cartons
    • Metals
    • Glass Bottles & Jars
  • Non Acceptable Items.
    • Plastic Bags
    • Styrofoam
    • Window or Drinking Glass
    • Coat Hangers or Scrap Metal
    • Other Plastics (that are not bottles or jugs - like take-out clam-shells or yogurt cups)
    • Medical Sharps or Syringes

Each building will develop a local collection site for the Acceptable Items and normal trash containers for what can not be recycled. Housekeeping will assist by emptying the trash (brown dumpster) and moving the collected recyclables to the Single-Stream (green) dumpster. All former dumpster sites will still have a brown trash dumpster, plus ten locations will receive a new Single-Stream (green) recycling dumpster.

Everyone is encouraged to pitch-in and help with this sustainability effort. Recycling helps keep our waste management costs down and directs recyclable items to facilities for re-creation in a new product, instead of a future buried deep in a landfill.

Collection Locations

What You Can Recycle Flyer