RN to BSN Program

1. Is your program accredited?

    The program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for
    Education in Nursing (ACEN).

2. What type of degree will I receive?

    You will receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

3. What is the process for acceptance?

    A student must fill out the on-line application (found under
    Admissions). The student must also have original transcripts from
    their high school as well as the University/College in which they     
    received their Associate Degree in Nursing.  These transcripts must be 
    sent to the Admissions Office. 

4. What are the requirements for admission?

  1. Submit evidence of graduation from a State Board of Nursing approved pre-licensure R.N. associate degree or diploma program in nursing (official transcript).
  2. Interview with School of Nursing Faculty Member and/or Director of the School of Nursing.
  3. Present evidence of original, current, and valid State of Ohio R.N. License. Student must be licensed in order to register for NUR 30808 (Spring Semester) and all subsequent courses.
  4. Present evidence of current nursing professional liability insurance coverage.
  5. Present evidence of original, current, and valid CPR certification card.
  6. Provide evidence of completion of all course transfer prerequisites for admission to the RN-BSN Program (official transcripts).
  7. Submit completed Confidential Medical History Form to the University Health Services Office (a Form will be mailed to the student separately by the University Health Services Office once the student has been officially accepted into the Nursing Program).

5. What is the length of the program?

    The program is a two year (4 semester) program.  The uniqueness of
     the program is that it is offered one day a week. 

NCLEX pass rate:  NA; Student retention students graduating 2016: 44%; Job placement:  100%.