Testing Fees


CLEP Exam                                           $87.00 (CLEP) + $20.00 (Proctor Fee)
Placement Retake Exam                        $10.00

National ACT (with writing)                 $62.50

National ACT (without writing)            $46.00

Proctoring for other Institutions            $20.00 (Proctor Fee)

Residual ACT                                        $50.00

Payments accepted by check, money order or cash only with the exception of National ACT. Please check the appropriate web site for scheduling and fee criteria for National ACT.

Fees effective July 1, 2018
*Exam fees are subject to change.

Please check with for the university's status during inclement weather. The New Student Advising Office, Testing and Career Services will be open if the university is open.