North America Wales Foundation is announcing their name change!

To give equal credit to our connections with Canada and Wales, we will now be the

North America Wales FOUNDATION AND



The National Welsh-American Foundation is a nonprofit membership organization managed by volunteer officers and directors in North America and in Wales. It was formed in 1980 to provide a link between Welsh Americans in the US and the Welsh in the homeland of Wales who share a common interest in their culture, heritage, and the preservation of the Welsh language. It is dedicated to:

1. Promoting and sharing the history of Welsh-Americans.

2. Providing financial assistance, fellowships, and study grants to individuals, eisteddfodau, Welsh festivals, traveling museums, exhibits, and choral groups.

3. Coordinating selected cultural and educational activities of Welsh-Americans.

4. Assuring a unified, effective voice for Welsh-Americans in all aspects of American society.

5. Encouraging an exchange of artists and scholars between Wales and the US to share the Welsh  language, music and culture with the world.

6. Supporting Welsh-American groups in their relationships with corporate, philanthropic and governmental organizations in the US and Wales.


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