Lillian Jones Museum



The Camp Arrowhead Exhibit is on at the LJM until Nov 29th.

Jackson County is very fortunate to have its own historical, cultural and educational museum that provides unique opportunities for residents and visitors alike with free admission to the public.
The Lillian E. Jones Museum works to preserve the history and culture of the Jackson County area and offers, at least four changing exhibits yearly and works with regional art and history groups to provide well- researched exhibits that are educational and enjoyable for guests. All public events at the Jones Museum are free of cost.
The house at 75 Broadway Street was built in 1867 by the Horace Chapman family and purchased by the Edwin and Lola Williams Jones family in 1921. The Jones family patriarch, Thomas Jones, emigrated from Wales in 1834 and was the first president of Jefferson Furnace thus establishing the family in a number of charcoal, coal and iron industries that dominated the 20th century. Lillian (1893-1991) bequeathed the home to the City of Jackson for the operation of a museum to preserve and educate the history and culture of the region.
Changing exhibits supplement a fine collection of permanent objects which include antique furnishings, glassware, ceramics, vintage clothing, books, collectibles and other such treasures. In 2012, Fletcher Benton, an internationally acclaimed artist, former Jackson resident and Jones family friend, added to the wealth of knowledge at the Jones Museum with a gift of 21 pieces of sculpture, numerous books and DVDs about his work and life, which are also included in the permanent collection.The Jones Museum houses artifacts from Jackson County’s rich history, donated by current and former residents, as well as items from all over the world as Miss Jones traveled the globe at least four times in her long life.
The Carriage House Genealogy Center is a part of the Jones Museum since its opening in 2000 and is now available by appointment. Inside the Carriage House is a wealth of information including bound volumes of Jackson newspapers from the late 1890s to 1999. The Jones Museum collects family histories and works with the Jackson County Genealogical Society to preserve the family histories of the region.
Megan Malone, Director
75 Broadway Street
Jackson, Ohio 45641