Computer Science

Mission Statement

The computer is a tool that can increase the efficiency and productivity of individuals in many fields of endeavor. The Computer Science curriculum is designed to provide students with the necessary coursework to complete either a Major or a Minor in Computer Science (Bachelor of Science). Students are prepared to pursue a career in the computer industry in the areas of programming, networking, web development, software design, etc. Students are also prepared to pursue graduate education in Computer Science.

Degrees Offered

Learning Outcomes

  • Student is able to: Use critical thinking and logic skills to formulate and solve problems related to programming and software development.
  • Student is able to: Write code in a variety of common programming languages such as Java, C, Python, etc.
  • Student is able to: Explain ethical behavior as it relates to programming and operating computers.
  • Student is able to: Explain fundamental concepts relating to computer operating systems, hardware, and architecture.

  • Student is able to: Analyze, design, and develop software projects and web applications. The student should be able to explain the different aspects of the software life cycle.

  • Student is able to: Analyze, design, develop, and administer a database system.