Certificates, Programs & Degrees

Approved Licensure Areas

The University of Rio Grande has program approval from the Ohio Department of Education to offer teacher licensure in the following areas:

 Early Childhood - ages 3 - 8 (pre-kindergarten through grade 3)
Middle Childhood - ages 8 - 14 (grades 4 through 9)
Must select two of the following concentrations:
Language Arts
               Social Studies

Adolescent to Young Adult-ages 12 - 21 (grades 7-12)
Must select one of the following licensure areas:
Integrated Language Arts
Integrated Social Studies
Integrated Mathematics
               Life Sciences
               Physical Sciences
Intervention Specialist 
Mild to Moderate - Graduate 
              Early Childhood - Graduate
              Intervention Specialist - Undergrad

       Must select one of the following licensure areas:
             Physical Education
             Visual Arts



A portfolio for teacher candidates is started in EDU 20403 Planning for Instruction. The faculty have developed a portfolio handbook to assist teacher candidates in gathering artifacts during their courses in General Education, Professional Education, and Curriculum Content. The portfolio is developed by the teacher candidates to reflect knowledge, skills, and dispositions centering on the Teacher Education Conceptual Framework. The portfolio is assessed by faculty and external evaluators at benchmarks identified in the Teacher Education Portfolio Handbook. Although the teacher candidates gather artifacts during their entire program, they actually enroll in the portfolio course (EDU 48902 Portfolio) along with clinical practice. During this course the portfolio is given final assessment by faculty and is reorganized into a Professional Portfolio that may be taken for employment interviews.