Nixle/Emergency Texting System


How to subscribe and setup Nixle

To subscribe to our messaging system within Nixle, create an account by following the link:

Once you are finished with this process,

  • Click "Settings"
  • Click "Search for more Agencies, Community Groups & Neighbors"
  • Type "University of Rio Grande Campus Police"into the search box
  • Click "Go"
  • Check the box where it says "Subscribe to University of Rio Grande Campus Police"
  • Click the "Subscribe to Selected Agencies"

Message Publishing

Our police department and other local municipal agencies use Nixle as a publishing system.  Messages are created and assigned a priority level ensuring important information reaches you in a timely manner.

Receiving Messages

Enter your mobile phone number to receive messages by SMS (text message).  You can also choose to receive emails, or simply view the messages by logging into your Nixle account. 

You decide!

Information available:

  • School delays
  • Closing announcements
  • Dangerous/suspicious people on campus
  • Gas leaks/water breaks/hazardous materials