Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need to have a student parking permit?

A. This is so vehicles on campus can be identified for security reasons. We want to be able to determine who should be here and who should not be in case of emergencies. The student parking permits also enable the campus police to contact students in a quick efficient  manner should their vehicle be damaged or struck in the parking lots.

Q.   How much do student parking permits cost?

A. This varies from year to year. The costs are set and approved by the University of Rio Grande Board of Trustees, normally in June of each year.

Q.   Where do I get my student parking permit?

A. The permits are only obtained at the campus police station. If you pre-register on the Rio website you will only need your student ID number when you come into the campus station. If you have not pre-registered you must bring in your vehicle registration when you come to get the permit.  **Some people confuse the pre-registration process as they have ordered the parking permit on-line and then wait for it to be mailed to them. This is not the case, you must come in to the campus police station to obtain the permit**

Q. When can I get my student parking permit?

A. They normally are delivered in July of each year. When they arrive and are ready for distribution the campus police chief will send out an email to students that they are available. You are not required to have them until after the first week of Fall classes. There is a grace period for students the first week of school in order to get acclimated. If you desire to get your student parking permit in July, or August prior to school it saves you time from standing in line and is one less thing to worry about when classes start. Prior to the start of classes you should always call the campus police office (740-245-7286) to ensure someone will be available to issue you a permit, so as not to make a trip when this process will not be available.

Q. Do I have to pay for my student parking permit when I get it?

A. Payments for student parking permits are not made to the campus police department.  When the permits are issued the fee is put onto the student’s campus account. You may go pay on it at the business office, or pay it at a later date. Some types of student financial aid, grants and scholarships do assist on the payment of student parking permits so you may want to check on this about the third week of Fall classes.

Q. When does the student parking permit I purchase expire?

A. The student parking permits are good for that entire school year only, basically from Fall to Fall semesters. For example if you purchase a student parking permit for the start the 2012 school year, the pass will be valid throughout the Fall and Spring of 2013, as well as through the summer. You will need a new permit to start the Fall of 2013.  **The back side of the student parking permits will clearly state the expiration dates.

Q. Is there anything I need to do prior to obtaining my student parking permit?

A. Just pre-register on the website. Get to the parking section and follow the directions. This will save you several minutes when come to the campus police station to obtain the permit.

Q. What if I change vehicles or license plates during the school year?

A. You can go to this same website and make the necessary changes of information on your vehicle. If you have trouble you can call the secretary at the campus police, or stop by for assistance.

Q. What if I have a student parking permit, but forget to change it over to the vehicle I am driving that day temporarily?

A. You can stop by the campus police and get a temporary pass for the day.

Q. Where can I park legally on campus?

A. There are not assigned individual parking spots for students, just open student parking areas. There are many spots behind the Lyne Center (several levels), at Bob Evans Farm Hall lot (several levels) and behind the Jenkins Student Center. “Handicapped” – “Staff/Faculty” – “Visitors” or in the marked “Fire Lane” between the dorms, as well some specially position spots (SLC, Health Services, Postal Service and IT section) are not available for students.

There normally is always going to be more than enough parking spaces available for students. There may not always be a spot right at the door of your classroom, so you should plan accordingly.

Q. What areas traditionally get students ticketed?

A. Students that park in a marked handicap spot, when they do not have a valid handicap placard. This is a $250 dollar fine not only on the University of Rio Grande campus, but in public and is something that is not acceptable.

Students parking in staff/faculty marked spots. Unless you are staff or faculty member do not park in these spots. This usually occurs when students are running late for class and choose to take a chance and get closer to the buildings.

Fire lanes must be kept open and clear for emergency vehicles should there ever be the need for the resident halls. There is a very short time period allowed for students to load and unload items such as laundry and groceries. Often times this short period turns into extended vehicle abandonment.

Q. Why can’t I park in the visitor parking lots?

A. The visitor lot is for visitors to the campus. For example parents  coming to campus to visit their children in resident halls, parents attending sporting events and persons conducting business on campus.

*Students often park in the visitor lots to get parking spots closer to the buildings, but these spots need to remain open for the above mentioned reasons. Often students will hide their student parking permits in glove box (or) under car seats in attempts to look like a visitor to the campus, as opposed to a student. This obviously should not be done.

Q.  What should I do if I receive a parking ticket on campus?

A. You need to either pay the fine at the business office, or (within 72 hours) submit an appeal.  The appeal must be based on a valid reason that you were in a proper student parking area (or) did not have a valid student parking permit. The fact that you did not want a parking ticket is not an appropriate appeal.

Appeal forms are located at the campus police and must be completed with 72 hours of the offense. An email and / or phone number will need to be provided in order for notification of the appeal status.

If your appeal is denied, or choose not to appeal you will need to pay the fine at the business office. The fine goes onto your student account and must be addressed. Failure to address the fine will cause a block on your account which will keep you from getting grades and signing up for your next semester classes.