Emerson E Evans School of Business

Business Management Program

Bachelor of Science & Associate of Applied Business Degrees

Advising Plan - Bachelor of Science: Business Management

Advising Plan - Associate of Applied Business Degree: Business Manangement

     Professional Certificate, Minor - Accounting

          Advising Plan - Professional Certificate & Minor in Accounting

     Professional Certificate, Minor - Banking

          Advising Plan - Professional Certficate & Minor in Banking

     Professional Certificate, Minor - Healthcare Administration

          Advising Plan - Professional Certificate & Minor in Healthcare Administration

     Professional Certificate, Minor - Information Technology

           Advising Plan - Professional Certificate & Minor in Information Technology

     Professional Certificate, Minor - Marketing

           Advising Plan - Professional Certificate & Minor in Marketing

     Professional Certificate - Small Business Management

          Advising Plan - Professional Certificate in Small Business Management
Small Business Management Certificate Gainful Employment Disclosure

     Minor - Business Management

           Advising Plan - Minor in Business Management