Mission Statement

Serve the general education program; provide the opportunity for an associate of arts degree with a concentration in sociology; give students the opportunity to minor in sociology; provide courses to meet requirements in other programs; develop the foundation for student to major in sociology; offer courses that are transferable; offer the courses to allow student seeking teaching credentials in sociology and permit sociology to be selected as a concentration within a comprehensive major.


Degrees Offered

Associate of Arts – Sociology

Bachelor of Arts or Science – Minor in Sociology


Learning Outcomes

The successful student will:

  • Explain and apply the concept of a sociological perspective to the understanding of society, groups, social structures and human behavior.
  • Identify processes and techniques of data collection about human behavior.
  • Identify, describe and explain how external social forces influence the individual to create a sociological perspective.
  • Distinguish between micro and macro levels of interaction and their effects on the individual in society.
  • Predict outcomes of various group behaviors.
  • List important institutions in society and their impact.