Psychology Scholarship Winners and Faculty, March 13, 2018.

Pictured left to right, top row: Anne Higgins, Natasha Sperry, Shannon Dalton, Amber Christian, Dr. Chad Duncan. Bottom row: Dr. Jennifer Lackey, Ashley Schartiger, Anna King, Heidi Kern, Dr. William Rogers.


Mission Statement

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and cognition. The baccalaureate degree program is intended to provide students with a broad understanding of behavior and mental processes as well as with skills needed to design, analyze, and interpret research. Knowledge gained through the psychology baccalaureate program is useful in a variety of areas such as business or the service sector; it also provides the foundation for further study of psychology at the graduate level. The associate degree program is intended to prepare students for further study of psychology at the undergraduate level. The minor program is intended to familiarize students with a range of topics and skills in psychology.

Degrees Offered:

  • Bachelor of Science – Major in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts or Science – Minor in Psychology
  • Associate of Arts – Concentration in Psychology

Learning Outcomes

The successful student will:

  • Achieve greater awareness of human development and multicultural influences on development
  • Understand and discuss at an appropriate level of depth the primary theoretical perspectives in psychology
  • Achieve greater awareness of the causes, development, and treatment of abnormal behavior
  • Understand, discuss, and use scientific terms and concepts common in psychology research
  • Achieve the ability to critically read and evaluate psychological research studies

Job Opportunities for Psychology Graduates:

Graduates of psychology baccalaureate programs often find work outside of psychology in areas such as business, marketing, public relations, and retail. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology also find jobs related to psychology in areas including community and social services, education, and corrections.

Graduate Studies:

During the past decade, numerous graduates of Rio’s psychology baccalaureate program have gone on to graduate programs in psychology, including master’s degree programs in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, and school psychology. In addition to graduate programs in psychology, Rio psy

What Are Our Rio Psychology Alumni Up To?:

Breanna West 2017
Graduate Student in School Psychology at Marshall University
Ariel Kaye Roder 2016
Graduate Student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Cleveland State University
Ada Deihl 2016
Behavioral Technician at Pathfinder Progress in Columbus, OH

Daniel Fraser 2016
Former Psychology Club President
Ohio Valley Bank Internet Call Center
Jaonna Gibson 2015
Graduate Student in School Psychology, Northern Kentucky University 
Josi VanMeter 2015
2015 Rio Outstanding Psychology Graduate
Case Manager, Woodland Centers, Meigs, OH
Also in training for Chemical Dependency Counseling (CDCA)
Nicholas Sharp, CDCA 2014
Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Recovery Council, Waverly, OH
Also in training for Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Level 3 (LCDC 3)


Program Specific Contact Information:

Please contact Dr. Chad Duncan or Dr. William Rogers for further information.