Greer Museum

The Esther Allen Greer Museum has been invaluable to the fine arts department for a number of reasons.  The University is geographically positioned in an area that does not provide access to galleries or museums.  By providing a venue for regional and national artists, the students have the opportunity to see the work of artists working in a variety of media from a diverse cross-section of our culture. Every year the graduating art majors have the opportunity to display the work they have created over their four years at Rio Grande.  This is an important capstone to their experience at Rio Grande.  Their final reception is a wonderful time for family, friends and fellow colleagues to celebrate their achievements.  The last exhibit of the academic year has always been reserved for the annual student show.  Art professors from regional colleges and universities jury this exhibit.  The art department considers the opinions of outside jurors to be a valuable component of our AQIP assessment program.

The Esther Allen Greer Museum serves an important role for all students attending the University of Rio Grande.  In this somewhat isolated geographical setting, the gallery at The Greer Museum offers a venue where students from all disciplines on campus can view the works of regional and national artists.  The LA 101 instructors send their students to the gallery to write essays on the work exhibited.  The gallery has also hosted receptions for a variety of functions on campus.

Not only does the Esther Allen Greer Museum serve the art department and the University at large, but has also become a cultural fixture in the four county area that The University or Rio Grande serves.  Along with its commitment to present works of the best regional and national artists, the gallery has proudly displayed the work of artists from the community.  Every year, during the month of May, the gallery displays the work of our local senior citizens.  The “Area Agency on Aging” produces this exhibit every year and this show has become very important event on their social calendar.

Esther Allen Greer Museum houses a permanent exhibit of the collection from the Brooks Jones Estate.  This exhibit is on the second floor gallery of the Greer Museum.  This collection includes works by such historical artists as Francisco Goya and Pierre-Auguste Renoir and more contemporaries such as Jasper Johns.   Brooks was one of the most active benefactors to the University of Rio Grande over the past twenty-five years. 

The gallery is open from 1:00 - 5:00 pm on Tuesday through Friday only on the days that an exhibit is scheduled.  The permanent exhibit on the second floor is only open when arrangements are made though the Fine Arts Department by calling (740) 245-7364.

Spring 2018, Schedule

"Contrast", Recent work by Fatima Taylor and Charlie Haskins,  January 11 - January 31.      There will be a reception for the artists on Thursday, January 11 from 5-7pm

Annual High School Exhibit”,  February 5- February 22 .                                                       There will be a closing reception and awards presentation on Thursday, February 22, from 5 – 7pm

"Once Familiar", Recent work by Dylan Collins, March 13-March 30                                         There will be a reception for the artist on Tuesday March 13 from 5-7pm                                   Dylan will conduct a workshop on Wednesday, March 14 at 1:00 in the Art Annex

"Inspiration- A Tale of Godzilla, Rats and Ridiculousnes" a senior exhibit by Jason Kelley and Jacob Darnell, April 2- April 8, There will be a reception on April 3, from 5-7 pm

'Threads That Bind" a senior exhibit by Emma Lyles and Tyanna Petty-Craft,  April 9 - April 13,  There will be a reception on April 10, from 5 - 7pm

''Just Bee You"  a senior exhibit by Keri Lawrence and Gabe Richmond,  April 16 - April 19 .        There will be an opening reception on April 16, from 5 - 7pm

“The Annual Student Art Exhibit”, April 24 – May 5                                                              There will be an opening reception and awards presentation on Tuesday April 24, from 7 -9pm

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