Social Fraternities and Sororities

Greek life offers the individual a unique opportunity for personal and interpersonal growth. The Greek system encourages scholastic achievement, good citizenship from its members, and provides opportunities for social growth and leadership within the Greek system. Greek organizations also encourage involvement and leadership in various campus organizations, as well as sponsor many campus, community, and philanthropic service projects. The opportunity to develop lifelong friendships is an added benefit to the Greek members.

The Rio Grande Greek system's fraternity and sorority chapters are governed by the All Greek Council, an organization composed of representatives from each fraternity and sorority. There are nine social fraternities and sororities on campus. Membership is by invitation with each group sponsoring parties during a formal rush period to help acquaint students with the groups. Each group promotes scholarship, social activities, personal development and service. A student must have completed 12 credit hours at the University or Community College while maintaining a Grade Point Average of 2.00 to be eligible to pledge an organization.

Greek Social Organizations