To obtain ACCESSIBILITY services, the following steps must be followed:

  • Students are referred to the Accessibility office through an informal referral process. External/internal sources and self-referrals are all acceptable.
  • The initial interview engages students through the completion of an intake packet as well as assessment and individualized planning.
  • Students are expected to provide medical and/or psychological documentation of disability for eligibility determination. If the documentation is from the referring high school, an Evaluator’s Team Report (ETR) with specific evaluation outcomes is preferred.
  • Reasonable accommodations are written after eligibility is established.
  • Students sign a contract for accommodations and hand-deliver individual letters to instructors.
  • Once instructors receive letters of notification, it is recommended that they sign/keep a copy for personal records and implement suggested intervention.
  • Lastly, instructors are asked to return the signed forms to Accessibility or the appropriate Academic Dean.
Please contact Kelly Bonice ( at 740-245-7439 for questions and concerns