Psychology Club

Pictured above: Psychology Club End-of-Year Picnic, April 2018

Welcome to the University of Rio Grande's Psychology Club Homepage.  The psychology club is a student organization whose goal is to learn about psychology and maintain an active and responsible role in our university and community. We had a busy year last year and we're off to a great start this year!  Plus we're currently planning several exciting events for the upcoming semester.  To join the club students only need an interest in psychology (being a psych major is not required).  The club meets regularly, so keep an eye on this website to receive updates and meeting times.



This year we have already hosted two incredible guest speakers and a field trip to the Bodies Revealed exhibit!  Dr. Willard Scott Sheets talked about chemical dependency counseling in southeastern Ohio, and our very own Dr. Jennifer Lackey discussed the state of the field in clinical/counseling psychology!  We have a field trip to a maximum security prison and few other surprises scheduled for spring semester.

Last year we started things off by taking a group field trip to Akron to hear world famous (and infamous) Dr. Philip Zimbardo talk about his illustrious career.  Dr. Zimbardo discussed his life of research including the Stanford Prison Experiment, as well as his newer projects investigating villains and heroes.  Pictured above, many club members stayed after to meet Dr. Zimbardo and pose for pictures.  This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and we had a blast!

Shortly after our field trip, we hosted our annual Graduate School Forum.  We host this event as a service to our university for the purpose of informing students about their further educational opportunities.  We invited five faculty from around campus to discuss their experiences in graduate school.  Questions about the application process, what it takes to get in, what to expect once you're there, how to survive and how to stand out.  We also discussed different types of advanced degrees and what they might be good for.  Thanks to all who attended and spoke!  We had a good turn out and hope to grow this event in the future.

Last spring we hosted a car-bash fund raiser that attracted many students, faculty and passerbys.

The club also participated in a Secret Santa event that provided gifts for local children, organized a shelter drive that provided goods for the Mason County Homeless Shelter in Point Pleasant, WV, and hosted a guest speaker, Kristina Camden, MA-PCCs, who discussed her career and education as a psychological clinician.

Club bake sale 2013. Club members enjoying club meeting. Secret Santa items raised for local family.

Secret Santa items off for delivery.

Club members posing with Shelter Drive items. Lots of Shelter Drive items raised!
In spring of 2014 the club enjoyed a field trip to the Center for the History of Psychology in Akron Ohio.  We were amazed to see important items from history like the shock generator from Dr. Milgram's obedience experiments, guard and prisoner uniforms from Dr. Zimbardo's prison study at Stanford, the 'Bobo doll' from Dr. Bandura's experiments, and much more.  This was a surprisingly fun trip and we plan to go back in the near future.
Dr. Duncan and Milgrim's "Shock Generator". Nick (club member) posing with the Bobo Doll.

Vicente (club member) trying on the Psychograph.



During the 2013-2014 school year the club was given a private tour of the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, OH.  The tour was led by Dr. Chad Sed, who is in charge of inmate mental health and counseling services.  Students had a blast learning about mental healthcare in the prison system, and were lucky to see an up-close and personal view behind the scenes.


Club Officers:

Shannon Dalton, President
Betty Jones, Treasurer
Natasha Sperry, Secretary


Faculty Advisors:

Dr.  Chad Duncan
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Tel: (740) 245-7469


Dr. William Rogers
Associate Professor of Psychology                   

Dr. Jennifer Lackey

Assistant Professor of Psychology

(740) 245-7273


Come see what we're up to.  Check here for meeting and event details!